Friday, August 6, 2010

Mockingjay Celebration

I have been a Hunger Games fan for almost two years now.  No lie.  I read the first book out during the week of Thanksgiving, 2008.  I had a spinal block the day before and was pretty much stuck in bed and Luke was downstairs watching tv and my family had gone to Virginia to see my brother and I was having a pity party.  I picked it up and didn't put it down again till I was done.  Then I had to wait almost a year for Catching Fire.  And then ANOTHER year for Mockingjay.  And now it's almost here!  I am fangirling like CRAZY over this book.

For the past year Bestie and I have been involved in a bitter debate regarding the merits of Gale (super manly stud) versus Peeta (kind of a wuss).  It has been ugly.  I'm sure you can tell which side I'm on (Go Team GALE!).  Now that we've had both of our husbands and Honey Bear read the books, we are planning a final showdown before the release of Mockingjay.  Over the next two and a half weeks, I'm going to have bi-weekly Hunger Games posts celebrating the release and answering the question of who is better (Gale).  I promise my results will be completely unbiased.  Really.  Bestie will be watching me like a hawk.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to:
  • Haiku faceoff (written by me, Bestie, and some of your favorite bloggers) - to be posted Monday
  • Top ten lists of why Gale is better than Peeta and vice versa
  • Reviews of both books
  • "Blurbs" from bloggers
And the ultimate death match between Gale and Peeta.  Yes that's right.  We are staging our own version of the Hunger Games in my backyard.  We have extras to play the part of tributes, my great dane puppy to play the muttations, and a battle to the death between Gale and Peeta.  We will take pictures of the whole thing and post it on here - and the best part is that you get to decide who wins!  Vote in the poll on the right side of the screen and see your favorite win (subliminal message: vote for Gale).  Bestie will be playing Peeta, I will be playing Gale, and our husbands and extras will be playing the tributes we slaughter first.  There will be fangirl t-shirts and fake blood.  It's going to be awesome.  And very literary and mature.

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