Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Making of The Hunger Games + Out Takes

Remember that time we had the nerdiest/best day every and made our own Hunger Games in the back yard?  I thought now that I've finished the last book I'd go ahead and post our making of pictures as well as our out takes.  Just an FYI - as much as some of us (mostly me and Honey Bear) look like little children, no actual children were involved in our drama - we are all consenting adults and no animals were harmed (although Dexter really didn't like wearing a tank top).

PS - I'm drawing a name for my Hunger Games mix CD on Monday - if you want to enter, just go back to that post and leave a comment!  I'm putting some bonus tracks on there - including my HG theme song "Breakfast at Tiffany's".  Seriously.

If you ever do this at home (ok no one else is as nerdy as we are, I know) make sure you get the job of blood splatterer.  Throwing fake blood on your friends = lots of fun.

I could possibly pick a better spot to wipe blood on people I don't know very well.  R is totally freaked out by my groping.

I mean business, can you tell?  Also, look, you can tell in this one that I have one green eye!  No lie.

Dexter gets into character for his role as muttation.  Vicious.

Covering my husband with blood and getting our puppy to eat him - the picture of marital bliss.

Do I have to eat daddy?

Cutest picture ever - if only they weren't covered in fake blood.

Luke's "I'm sad that I'm dead" face - notice the pouty lip.

We've got about a million more pictures, but those are my favorites.  The Dexter pictures just can't get any cuter.  We took both puppies to the dog park today, so look for those pictures tomorrow!


  1. That is high-larious, and cheered me up after finishing "Mockingjay" early this morning. I'm feeling a bit disconnected. That's just what I needed. A dog in a tank-top is the best return to reality I can imagine.

  2. OMG!! You guys are a blast!!=) I need to get a fan group going where I live in Hawaii!=)

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