Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lovely Little Shelf Interview

Today I'm featuring one of my all time favorite bloggers, Jacki, from Lovely Little Shelf.  Her blog is not only adorable, but so interesting and a pleasure to read.  She posts about a wide variety of books and includes lots of book-related pictures, like awesome book shelves and libraries.  Love!  She also recently became a mommy, but has resisted the lure of the mommy blog (which I understand to be a major feat for a new mother).  Please go give her blog a look - I can basically guarantee you will love it.  Enjoy her interview below:
**Update: Now that I've actually included a link to her site, check her out!

1. What made you decide to start blogging?

Honestly, I was just bored. I had a time when we had just moved to Akron and I couldn't find a job that I was reading a book a day most days. I was also reading my fair share of book blogs and realized that I could do this and really have fun with it. A few months later, I did land a job but was in love with blogging and decided to continue. I recently quit my job to be a stay-at-home-mom and am so glad that I have my blog for daily outside stimulus and a creative outlet.
2. Who designed your super cute blog?

My super cute husband, that's who! He is a designer/programmer, and he is just so darn talented! I told him that I wanted to blog and he was totally supportive and helped me brainstorm names and ideas. One night, I crashed on the couch and when I woke up, he had designed the whole thing, top to bottom. I was totally in awe. I'm not really sure how I'd function without him.
3. You have a great book collection – and I love the picture you posted of your new bookcases several weeks ago. How do you typically acquire books? (used book stores, chain stores, independents, etc )

I get almost all of my books used. I scour used book stores, library sales, thrift stores and garage sales. My friends and family know that a good book is the way to my heart, so I get a lot of books as gifts and has hand-me-downs from my bookworm of a mother. Every once in a great while (maybe three or fourtimes a year), I'll go to a bookstore and buy a book that I can't wait for, but honestly not very often. When that happens, I'd say that I generally split my buying between box stores (B&N, Target) and an independent store here in Akron.

4. Do you consider yourself a book collector? If so, what is your motivation for collecting and what book are you most proud of owning?

This is a hard one. I do have a great collection of books, but again, it's all just stuff that I've stumbled across. I don't really seek out collectable books, so I would say that no, I'm not a collector. I just have a collection. Make sense? :)

Last year, my uncle passed away. He was really into books and his wife passed the majority of his book collection on to my mom and I. He had been a big Stephen King fan since Carrie came out and he had a mound of first edition Stephen King books. They have been well loved & read, so they aren't in great shape, but I love them. He also had a great set of Lord of the Rings books that I ended up with. The older Stephen King books and the Lord of the Rings books are probably my books that I'm the most proud of and hold the most sentiment to me.

5. What is your most recent purchase and what is the oldest book you own?

Once, at an antique store, I was going through a pile of books and pulled out one called "How to Write Good Business Letters," which I thought may be full of funny, outdated advice. I flipped it open and the middle had been cut out in a perfect little square for hiding things. It was published in 1929, so I like to imagine that some housewife or college kid kept their flask in there. I bought it immediately and it's on my shelf, but I haven't thought of anything great to hide in it. Not sure if that is my very, very oldest, but it has to be up there and it has the best story without a doubt.

As far as my most recent purchase, I know it sounds silly, but I don't even know. I've been on a big library kick and haven't really bought too many lately. I got a pile of books at a library sale recently, but nothing remarkable and I've already read most of them. Sorry for the boring answer!

6. Your host a fun meme on Fridays. What is your personal favorite “flashback” book?

I could talk about my "flashback" books all day long. My favorite non-series "flashback" book is Matilda. It was the first book that I truly identified with and I probably read it 50 times when I was younger, no exaggeration. I love it. My favorite series growing up was The Baby-Sitter's Club. To say that I was obsessed is an understatement. I can't talk about it or I will start to gush.

7. How do you think being a new mom will change your reading and blogging habits?

Good question! I have literally no idea. I know that I will continue to read and blog, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep my frequency up like I do now. Right now, I'm reading book every other dayish and blogging at least once a day. It seems like at least for awhile, I'll have to slow it down a little. I'm fine with that. I saw my mom raise 3 of us and still be forever reading a book, so I know that it's doable. My other thought has been to get more audiobooks from the library. Right now I almost never listen to them, but it seems like that would be a solution. I'm really hoping I'll be able to figure out a way to read while I nurse, so if anyone has a good strategy for this, let me know! All this to say: I'll let you know when I know. It seems like a mystery right now!

8. What book are you most looking forward to sharing with your new baby?

I have gotten so many books as gifts since I've known that I had one on the way that it's been overwhelming. I loved being read to when I was young and it is one of the things I am most looking forward to in having children of my own. I love Dr. Seuss books and books that are sing-songy like that, so I'm sure I'll have a good collection of those. I also love children's books that don't have words. I think that they encourage interaction and a real level of imagination so that's something else I'm stocking up on!
9. Do you do any of your own creative writing or do you stick to reviews?

You know, one morning last year, I woke up with a story idea. I wrote about 2000 words and then sat it aside. One day my husband saw it on the computer and read it and has been encouraging me to continue it ever since. I haven't. I think that I have a creative writer inside of me, but I haven't developed that in anyway at all. It isn't something I'm discounting for the future, but for now I'm all blog.

10. What book/publishing issue is most important to you? (such as literacy, book banning, cover whitewashing, etc)

I remember being in my junior English class and everyone having to take reading competency tests on the computer. One of the guys that I had been in school with since we were in kindergarden found out that he had a 5th grade reading level. He was a star athlete and had a great, fun personality and his whole school career, he was just allowed to skate by on that. It was sad because he was shocked. He knew that he never had enjoyed reading and didn't understand how anyone could like it, but he didn't know that the reason he didn't enjoy it is because he... well... couldn't read. Even then I was totally blown away that he made it all those years without any teacher noticing that maybe that was an issue. I can get myself all wound up about reading and literacy and education in general... that and teachers force feeding kids crappy books and making them think that they hate reading, when really the just hate crappy books.


  1. Do you have a link to her blog?

  2. I love Jackie's blog also. Her blog is

    Yaaay for having a techy husband, I can hear the love and appreciation in your answers.

    Jackie you have to get the boppy, the half circle pillow thingy is great for breastfeeding and eating.

  3. Marce- I got one and I love it! I needed both hands at first, but I'm becoming the master of the one-handed feeding. I read 3/4ths of Mockingjay with my boob hanging out. How many people can say that? :)