Sunday, August 29, 2010

In My Mailbox (6) + Puppies

Time again for In My Mailbox, hosted by The Story Siren.  One day I'm going to get my web cam fixed so I can vlog these, but for now you're stuck with pictures.  For review this week I received:

Precious and Fragile by Megan Hart
Little Princes
Me, Myself, and Paris

Thank you!

The Mosts by Melissa Senate

I bought:
Quite a few from The Book Company - my favorite used book store

Sly couldn't handle the attention I was giving the books, so he inserted himself into a few shots:

And into the bag the books came in:

Maybe I should change his name from Boominabob Cat In The Box Geico Direct Sly  to Boominabob Cat In The Bag Geico Direct Sly.  This is what happens when a four year old names a cat.  Can you believe that my 18 year old brother was four when we got Sly?

And as promised, a few puppy shots from the dog park this weekend

Chief is on the left and Dexter on the right.  Don't they look like they could have been littermates?

Me and Chiefy

And my favorite: cute...Bestie's husband (who just happens to be my husband's bestie) with the pups.


  1. Molly always hops in the pictures I take of my quilts.

  2. Glass is great, and I've heard amazing things about A Northern Light. I want to read it really badly.

    You've got a great haul, and I'm going back to comment on your post regarding the drama I missed. Hopefully it adds to the discussion. :)

  3. gotta love a cat in a bag! or a cat with books! The dogs are adorable as well.

  4. Love the photos. What kind of dogs are they...veryhandsome, and well The good looking kitty --goes without saying LOL

  5. How nice that you and your husband are best friends with the spouse of the other's best friend (does that make know what I mean, right?) :)

  6. Bibliophile - the dogs are both Great Danes and they are the sweetest dogs that either of us have ever had. They have the best personalitites!

    BookGirl - It is so nice that we're all such good friends. We have a blast!

  7. They are just so cute. I love them. More pictures! More pictures! :)