Sunday, August 22, 2010

In My Mailbox (5)

I really planned to post more this weekend.  I promise.  But Luke went out of town and I decided to paint our bathroom cabinets and refinish a dresser and then we had friends over and oh yeah we got another puppy.  So my weekend was pretty busy.  I'm participating in IMM hosted by the Story Siren, which is a weekly meme showing off the books (and puppies) that I scored this week.  Yes - puppy pictures are included after the book pictures!

For Review:

Dewey's Nine Lives
Health Scare
Saving Max
Girl Stolen
You Don't Look Like Anyone I know
Everything Is Going To Be Great

A great series of three books - Why We Fight, Why Our Decisions Don't Matter, and Why We Need Love.

And a grocery sack of books I bought and haven't unloaded yet.  I'll save those for next week and go ahead and post what you really want to see.  Our new Great Dane puppy (yep, that makes two), Chief.

In this one, Dexter is pulling on Chief's ear.  They are having way too much fun wrestling, and Dexter loves his new little brother.

Awwww.  My boys (minus Sly, who refuses to be near the dogs).  Dexter is on the left and Chief is on the right - and that would be Luke in the middle!  Sweet babies.

One last picture - take a look at the elephant art I made for my soon to be nephew.  I'm already obsessed with this baby!


  1. Aww, look at those puppies!
    Happy reading - you got some great books!

  2. very cute pups - I can barely handle the one we have!!

    I just added girl stolen to my wish list - i am anxious to see what you think.

  3. Love the elephant art.

    How's potty training going?

  4. Those are the cutest puppies ever. I love them. Having two dogs is a handful, but they also keep each other company and play together so it's well worth it! I love having two dogs! Congratulations on your new puppy! :)

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