Monday, August 9, 2010

Hunger Games Haiku

I am so excited for this day!  I've got lots of haiku (haikus?) written by bloggers, Bestie, Luke, and myself.  Please check out the other bloggers sites - they are all big hunger games fans, authors themselves, and lovers of books.  If you have your own haiku, I would love to add it to these.  Send me an email (link on the right sidebar) and I'll post yours with a link to your own blog.  I've tried to keep things even, but Peeta seems to have a lot more fans than then most awesome Gale.  Poor Gale.  Let the games begin!

Written by me:

Happy Hunger Games
And may the odds be ever
In your favor, Gale.

Peeta grows on me
As I reread Hunger Games
But don't tell Bestie

Bella Swan?  No way!
Katniss can defend herself.
Team Don't Need A Man!

Written by Bestie:

Why do you punish me so
Mockingjay, I need.

Written by Luke, the funniest hubs ever:

Oh where is my wife,
She's reading The Hunger Games,
I really miss her

The long nights are here
I'm sleeping all alone now
She Reads Mockingjay

Oh Gale and Peta,
Destroyers of Marriages,
Why must you be cool?

By Jacki at Lovely Little Shelf

Katniss, Forget Gale.
I am the boy with the bread.
Kiss me anytime.

By Heather at See Heather Write

Peeta Mellark edged
Into my heart when he used
Frosting for defense

The Girl on Fire
Will burn the world in search of
The Boy with the Bread

Tender moments on
Rooftops beat stolen kisses
In woodland outskirts

Gale is perfection
Master hunter, protector
A true friend for life

Blood on Snow's breath. Where
is Peeta? District 13.
Mockingjay's secrets.

By Melissa at Melissa Writes Fiction

Oh Peeta Mellark
Male tribute for District 12
Gale doesn't compare

By Jacqui at My Hunger Games

Mockingjay breaks free
Ends the evil Capitol
Brings the rebels home

District 12 is gone.
Gale and Katniss lead the fight
For Panem's freedom.

By Mrs. DeRaps at DeRaps Reads

Just two weeks away--
Gale and Peeta and Katniss
Hope they are ready.


  1. I LOVE these!

    I especially like Jacki's along with Heather and Luke's 2nd one.

    Can't wait for Mockingjay!

  2. Love Luke's lol. These are so cute! Cannot's almost 2 weeks away!

  3. LOL @ "Team Don't Need a Man!"

    I think my last one worked better in my head, because reading it hours later it makes no sense. But oh well. It's poetry, it totally doesn't have to make sense :)

  4. OMG, I love your husband's haikus. I think every husband can relate!

  5. These were so much fun!!!! What a creative idea! Thanks for posting!

  6. Awesome post! I found you through Stephanie at Fangs, Wands, and Fairy Dust. I am a new follower! Have a great day.

    Danielle @

  7. Just two weeks away--
    Gale and Peeta and Katniss
    Hope they are ready.

    **Added this link to my Mockingjay maddness post!**

  8. ahhh, sigh, the girl on fire will definitely burn the world to find the boy with the bread. sigh. i love that one.

  9. These are great! I loved your husbands!

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