Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hunger Games Cast Picks

Remember how I promised a review of The Hunger Games, a cast list, and a playlist today?  Well, I finished the book, but I have yet to compose my playlist.  Yesterday I told Bestie (because who else would I whine to) that I was incredibly stressed out with finishing projects and my final for a grad school course by tonight.  So, because she's awesome, Bestie filled in for me on the cast list.  We have similar taste (except for the whole Gale/Peeta issue)  I'll be posting the review and playlist later tonight (with a GIVEAWAY!).  Here is Bestie's cast list and pictures (my comments are in bold):

Katniss Everdeen

Emma Roberts (my favorite)

Christian Serratos

Peeta Mellark
Alex Peetyfur (who could turn even this Gale fan into a Peeta-lover)

William Mosely

My personal choice would be Spencer Pratt, but I don't want to subject my readers to a visual of that.

Gale Hawthorne
Ben Barnes

Kevin Zegers

My own personal Gale choice

Gaspart Ulliel

Haymitch Abernathy

Hugh Laurie

Gary Oldham (Hopefully looking a little less Commissioner Gordon-ish, but I'm in a hurry and this is the best I can do)


Hugh Dancy

Primrose Everdeen:
Elle Fanning (She's older now, but again, I'm in a hurry)

Yara Shahidi

Stanislav Ianevski

Effie Trinket:
Kirsten Chenoweth (best choice ever, am I right?)

Emma Stone

Hayden Panettiere

Tom Felton (who would need to beef up a little bit before playing Cato, at least for me)

And there you have it!  Bestie's picks for Hunger Games cast.  We'll do this again when I read and review Catching Fire so we can add in the others.  What do you think?  Any you would change? 
Don't forget, I'll be posting a giveaway later tonight, so check back in!


  1. My pick for Haymitch was going to be Robert Downey Jr., but Hugh Laurie is SO much better! He's perfect!

  2. Love your Effie and your Rue!!

    I linked to this post in my Mockingjay Madness post. Here's the link:

  3. I think you can read my mind! Emma for Katniss is also my favorite.

  4. Nice picks! I'm sending this post out to a few of my IRL Hunger Game friends.

  5. You're just on a roll. I love these~

  6. Love these...
    Other possibilities.. Victoria justice for katniss, and Tyler posey as gale.

  7. katniss has to be somewhat hispanic or something like that so emma would not be a good katniss but possibly christian
    (that girl under emma) would be perfect..just my opinion

  8. PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!! I love the books and these are the people I had in mind the whole time.
    Hailee Steinfeld/Jodelle Ferala=Katniss
    Lucas Till= Peeta
    Gaspart Ulliel=Gale
    Pyan Sympkins=Prim
    Alana Locke=Rue(perfect look but don't know if she can act)
    Jeff Bridges=Haymitch
    Debra Rupp/Imelda Staunton=Effie
    Debra Rupp\Imelda Staunton=Effie
    Jeff and Debra/Imelda are a must!

  9. Hugh Laurie would be perfect for haymitch

  10. Oh my gosh. Kirsten Chenoweth???? Yay!!!!

  11. I'm here via BookRiot, of course the Hunger Games cast has been announced but can I just say: Kristin Chenoweth and Hugh Laurie were INSPIRED, completely awesome choices!!!!
    Better ideas than the cast they chose!!! YES!
    I am certainly in your favor!