Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hot Topic

Today Bestie and I made our debut at Hot Topic.  Neither of us had been there before, but we had heard some rumors about Hunger Games merchandise (and a unicorn backpack).  After scoping out the website last night (and being intrigued/somewhat disturbed) we decided that we should broaden our cultural horizons, put on our big girl pants, and check it out.  There were a lot of things that I expected: fingerless lace gloves and studded business and big plastic-y jewelry with skulls, but also some really fun stuff.  So here's my loot.

Hunger Games buttons!  I'll be taking the pin part off the back and gluing on magnets.  I'm not much of a pin-wearing person.

Another Mockingjay pin...I'm sorry..."brooch".  Yes, I already have two of these, but the others are a tiny bit different and, obviously, I need a backup.

Down with the capitol t-shirt.  Please ignore the paint on my pants, I've spent all night refinishing cabinets (not in my new HG shirt of course).  Apparently Hot Topic sells clothes in baby doll sizes.  The first thing I'll be doing when I cut the tag off is to use sharpie to mark out the baby doll clothes size and write in a grown woman size.

Please note my thuggin' pose.  I'm hip y'all.  I bought my shirt at Hot Topic!  I'm relevant and angsty!  Also I have paint from my work on the cabinets in my unwashed hair. 

I'm really not sure that the Hot Topic guy knew what to think when I came to the counter in my "liberry lady" clothes (goal this quarter: teach at least one student to say library).  I was dressed like a very old lady, but buying items intended for preteen girls.  Combine that with my baby face and the poor guy was as confused as he could be.

Oh and, while I did not find a unicorn backpack (cue the world's smallest violin to play the world's saddest song), I did find a unicorn water bottle.
So, in summary, if you are coming to DBF this weekend (and everyone who is anyone will be there), look for me!  I'll be the girl in the nerd shirt (still a toss-up between HG and Dr. Who) drinking water out of the bright pink unicorn bottle.


  1. Looks good! I didn't see any buttons or pins at my Hot Topic - maybe I didn't look hard enough. I would probably put a pin on my winter coat or on my work bag, but I've seen some librarians wear them every day.

    I felt awkward in Hot Topic because I was dressed in professional clothes after work, so I just bought my HG t-shirt and got out of there. :)

  2. I'm pretty sure DBF is two days long. Two shirts, two days.

    Also I go into Hot Topic all the time for nose rings and hair accessories. And I'm always dressed like an old lady. Whatever, I used to be angsty and buy my pink hair dye there when they first opened (and ran the indie goth store out of the mall), but now I'm cool being old.

  3. haha. Cute! Can't believe you were never in Hot Topic before. It's not as scary as it was years ago. Back when I use to go when it first came to our area 10 yrs ago, it was more Goth. Like Marilyn Manson goth. I liked it better that way, it was less teeny bopper. Now they sell things with Justin Bieber on it. Guess thats what happens when you are owned by the GAP.

  4. Heather, I will never in a million years believe you own old lady clothes.

  5. "baby doll sizes"
    I laughed out loud.

  6. I'm so glad I was able to talk you into going!

    If you want, I can go back tomorrow and get you the unicorn backpack. I also want to get a few other things so I might be going anyway. Let me know!

  7. Shirt + unicorn water bottle = fabulousness of epic proportions.

  8. Score. Very nice. Love the unicorn h2o bottle. And yes, lie-berries are bad. Katniss should've grabbed some of those in the arena...