Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Book Review: Pieces, edited by Stephen Chbosky

Pieces: A Collection of New Voices was an anomaly for me.  One of my super cool quirks is that I can tell you very specific details about all of my books.  Yes I have more than 1000.  But if you ask me where one is, I can typically tell you which room, bookcase, and shelf you can find it on and I can typically tell you where and when I got it.  I just remember those things.

I have no idea where this book came from.  It appeared on my shelf and I happened to wander across it while looking through my yellow books (yes, I can see that it's blue, but the spine is yellow, trust me).  Honestly I picked it up because it looked short and I was in the mood for a quick read and short stories sounded nice.

My first sign that this wasn't going to be just a masterpiece was the fact that, while the book was written in 2000, I've never heard of any of the "new voices".  It was kind of sad to read the book 10 years later, knowing that the authors had all that hope and excitement at the time the book was released and knowing nothing really ever came of it.  I mean hopefully they are all editing super hip zines or something now, right? 

Oh did I forget to mention how hip this book is?  Cause it is hip.  The short stories may not be well-written, but they seriously took me back to my 17-19 year old self.  The self that listened to Sunny Day Real Estate and read Bridges With Spirit might have liked this book.  But probably not.  It was really trying to be McSweeney's, but instead it came out all MTV (second sign I should have heeded - published by MTV).  Forget the me that was listening to Sunny Day Real Estate liking it - the kid who was listening to Good Charlotte and feeling hard core would have probably enjoyed it more.

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