Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How do you handle bad books?

My earlier review has been removed at the request of the publicist. 

Let's continue the discussion on what happens when you don't like a book you requested for review though.

My question to other bloggers is, what are your opinions and stories about books that weren't for you?  Do you finish every single book you specifically request for review?  Or do you save yourself time and quit books you've been sent for review, even if you've requested them?  What about negative reviews?  Do you give the person you reviewed the book for the option of not posting the negative review?  Any negative review horror stories?


  1. I hate it when you are really expecting to enjoy a book, but it falls so flat.

    I didn't finish a book I got from a goodreads giveaway. I tried, but just couldn't do it.

  2. Occasionally our local children's librarians will hand me a title to pre-read before they order more copies for the library. There have been times when I get half way through a book and simply can't read anymore - because the content is hokey at best and demeaning at worst. That coupled with bad writing, out of context bad grammar, and inappropriate subject matter. If it's simply not something that's to my taste I hand it to my 12 year old daughter to read and get her take on things. But yes there are times when I take a book back to them without finishing it and give my honest opinion.


  3. having just started a book review blog myself, I am quite curious about how others deal with this. I have a hard time stopping any book, no matter how bad, and tend to criticize as dramatically as I compliment.

    I am curious, how do you feel about being asked to remove your review? Did you consider not doing it?

  4. I only review books I buy or borrow myself or get from ARC tour group, not ones I personally request from the publisher/author/whomever. But regardless, if I'm going to take the time to finish a book, I'm going to review it honestly. Just because I didn't care for something doesn't mean I can't see some redeeming qualities that someone else may enjoy. If I'm unable to finish a book, I will not review it because I obviously cannot give it a fair review. There have been book tours I've signed up for and I've been unable to get into the book. I feel bad for taking someone's spot on the tour, but I know it's impossible to love every book I pick up.

  5. I review honestly no matter what because I figure if I want someone to value me as a reviewer I need to be honest. I try to point out something good in each book but if I struggle throuugh a book, I am going to say so and why. I finish books...I can't NOT finish a book...it is like it is against my DNA or something. :)

    Why did the publisher ask you to take the review down? Why did you comply? Did you feel you were unnecessarily harsh?

  6. I only request books that I want to read. I finish all books that I get in the mail because I figure that was deal. I read it, I review it. So if it sucks, it sucks but I finish it and then I review it. If it sucks, I say it sucks. If you don't want someone to say something bad about your book, don't write it. Your blog, your opinion. I think you should have left the post up. As long as you said nothing slanderous about the author it should stay up. Some people will not like a certain book, it happens. I am all about honesty when reviewing something.

  7. I have recently begun to put down books that I don't want to finish. It's a radical move for me, but I like the freedom I find in it. Life is short and I don't want to spend any more time reading something that doesn't mean anything to me. That's not to say I only finish books I think are good. Sometimes a book makes me angry or confused and that's enough to keep me reading. It's the ones I'm indifferent to that feel like a waste of time. I am honest in my reviews, otherwise I don't think there would be any point in writing them. It doesn't make everybody happy, but then that was never the point. I wanted a place to sort out my thoughts and give my honest opinions and I have found that in my blog. So far I haven't made any attempt to get arc's to review and I don't know if I will or not. I guess I'm a little concerned that I'll feel obligated to say good things about a book I don't like. It's a fine line to walk and some people do it very well, but I don't know if I'd be any good at it.
    I think you handled this situation nicely.