Thursday, August 5, 2010

Book Review: Accomplice

Accomplice tells the story of Chloe and Finn, two small town girls who know they need more than just 4-H and good grades to get into the college of their choice.  After hearing about a girl who was kidnapped and assumed dead, but found months later, they come up with a plan for the perfect college application essay. 

They fake Chloe's disappearance and hide her in Finn's grandmother's basement.  When they have become famous through the national news, Finn will discover Chloe and they will be heroes.  Their plan seems foolproof, until things start to go very wrong.

Bum Bum BUM!!!  Drama!  Suspense!  Lies!  Guilt!  Deception!  Will they pull it off? 

I actually really enjoyed this one.  The copy I reviewed is an ARC, so my there were a few were small errors that should be corrected in the final publication.  I was tense for a lot of this book.  Lying is something I've never been good at - I always end up telling on myself because I feel so guilty.  Seeing Finn struggle with her guilt is what really made the book for me.  She realizes how much pain she's causing and knows she needs to tell, but also knows that her future will be ruined if she does. 

I felt like the emotions she experiences and her internal struggle were real.  The only part of the book that really struck me as odd is a scene in which Finn goes to where Chloe is hiding and leans over to wake her up.  Chloe is startled and the girls' faces are close together.  So Finn kisses Chloe.  I was like...what?  Had the author given any other indication in the book that Finn was attracted to Chloe it would have been fine.  But we are reading from Finn's POV and it is clear that she isn't in any way sexually attracted to Chloe.  So why would she kiss her?  So that was aggravating.

Other than that, my attention was held throughout the book and I really cared about the characters.  I was torn between loving Finn and being so mad at her, which is something I really love in a main character.  I enjoy reading books that play with your emotions that way.  It's also a very fast read.  I give it 3/5 stars. 

Thanks to Star Book Tours for letting me be part of things!  I'll be sending this one on to the next person on the list tomorrow!

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  1. I read and reviewed this last month. I thought the kissing of Chloe was more part of the Finn worshipping her part. Which to me made sense for her to kiss her but you are right, there really isn't anything mentioned about her being attracted to her, just that she thinks she walks on water!