Sunday, July 18, 2010

Antiquarian Book Fair

I know I promised a post about my sweet Mama, but it is going to have to wait another day or so.  I promise it will be awesome when it finally arrives.  Meanwhile, enjoy this post about the Antiquarian Book Fair!  Can I just tell you guys that I almost passed out when I walked in?  Am I gushing?  Don't expect it to stop.  I made quite a few new friends and like to think that I got some networking in.  And let me just tell you about the books!  It was old book heaven.  Here are a few samples (if I post your book under the wrong name, let me know and I will fix it.)

This is a first edition of Gone With The Wind along with a letter from Margaret Mitchell, some newspaper clippsings from the release and the original movie poster.  Unfortunately I didn't get a card from this seller, so I don't have any information on him to post, but he was very friendly and appreciated my gawking over his collection.

Not sure how well you can see it, but this is an ARC of To Kill A Mockingbird.  The next time I have $19,500 laying around, this is what I plan to buy.  This was from the first dealer I met, who came all the way from Michigan.  I hope she made off like a bandit because she really deserved it.  She knew all about the books she was selling and had some amazing works.  Like these:

Signed first editions of The Princess Bride, The Shining, and Salem's Lot.  Her prices are reasonable (not that I could afford them - yet) and she really knows what she's talking about.  I can't rave about her enough.  Check out the website:  I highly recommend it - and if you're in the Chicago area, they'll be at a fair there in August.

And now - the things that make my little heart go pitter-pat.  I wish I had a way to make the hallelujia chorus or a trumpet fanfare or something start on viewing this picture.  The CS Lewis collections.  They were awesome.  I write below about the main collector, but another store to look at is Smythe Books in Dunwoody.  Look for them in Arkansas in August and in Florida next March.  You'll want to see what they've got.  Their selection is incredible, the staff knows exactly what they're talking about, and they have an amazing stock. This is a copy of an early printing of the Narnia books, although not the first copy.  I believe this set was going for around $1500.  Want to know how much a complete set of first editions costs?
I kid you not.  Looks like Luke is going to need to get a second job.

These are all first or early editions of C.S. Lewis books.  They were presented by the world's foremost collector and C.S. Lewis.  Guys this man owns more rare copies of Lewis works that anyone else in the world - and I shook his hand.  The hand that has touched first editions of Till We Have Faces.  I am not ashamed to say that I fangirled all over him.  I don't think he's used to have young women swoon all over him, but I was out of control.  He is my hero.  I'm pretty sure I saw my friends pretending not to be with me.

His collection is now at Taylor University and you can read more about it and him here.  He's written an awesome book about his experience collecting Lewis and it includes a descriptive bibliography of Lewis' work.  And he GAVE me a copy.  And signed it.  Swoon!  Ok, so I'll be sending him a check for it, I know how to contact him.  Not that I'm a stalker.  I just really love Lewis and this man does too!  There is so much more I could gush about Dr. Brown, but I've already bored you enough.

This was also one of my favorites.  Again the dealer didn't have a card, but was so friendly and told me a lot about the French versions of Babar.  Like this one.  A French first edition.  I didn't even ask how much because by this time I had realized that I could afford basically nothing.  I think it might be time for Luke to get a second job.  Because I'm now obsessed with old books.

Here are a few things I got:

My signed copy of In Pursuit of C.S. Lewis: Adventures in Collecting His Works by Dr. Brown.  If you can't tell, he wrong "To Julie - Wishing you success in collecting CS Lewis - Ed."  sigh.  Beautiful words, no?

I also picked up some old book bindings that were riduclously cheap.  These will be framed and hung on the way in my living room/reading room like you would hang a photo collage.  But mine will be cooler becuase it will feature amazing old books.  The dealer also had some really good printing presses, book binding equipment, etc.  Definitely check out his website, cause he's got some awesome goodies on there.

The pictures don't show it well, but the bindings are gorgeous - partial leather, woven cloth, beautiful!  I've got several others with similar embossments on the front that I'll hang with them, including one of Gone With The Wind, although I'm debating hanging that one somewhere else since it's a very different color.

So that was my day.  My bestie (hereafter to be referred to as Bestie) and one of her besties went with me and except for one small mishap the trip was uneventful other than meeting fabulous people and seeing a cornucopia (like my word?) of beautiful books and archived ephemera.  And then we went back home and watched the airbender tv show which I'm now addicted to and ate ice cream with our husbands and my other bestie, who happens to be my sister (hereafter to be referred to as Sa-sa because that's what we call her and also because she had a stalker and I don't want him to find her.)  And now that I've mentioned everyone I know pretty much, Sly can't stand to be left out.  I'll end with a picture of him helping me blog.


  1. I am drooling SO much right now.

  2. Looks like you had fun! To Kill a Mockingbird is my favorite of all time :)

  3. I am also grateful for the authors who tweet with our students. It’s so awesome