Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Book DIY

I know guys.  I know, I know, I know.  I have a DIY blog.  But this blog has more followers and I'm so proud of me I just can't contain it!  So if you don't want to see the crafty results of my evening, look away now.  Also I used my phone so the quality isn't just awesome

Project #1 - cardboard letter sale at Hobby Lobby = "READ" sign on my mantel for about $4 and some spray paint.  Question: should I stagger the letter height by stacking them on re-covered books?  Or will that be too busy?

Project #2 - I've had these awesome damask print letters on hand for a while and I've been keeping my eyes open for a six opening collage frame.  Tonight at Wal-mart I hit the jackpot.  Approx. $25 total.  Just pretend you can't read my last name, especially if you're a crazy.

Project #3 - I have never had decent jewelry storage.  I'm not kidding.  Never in my life.  And the sad part is that I have some really nice pieces.  I have several strands of pearls, including some that are heirloom pieces passed down through my family.  Of course, most of these I keep sealed and stored, but a few of the pieces that I wear regularly (and what Southern lady doesn't wear her pearls regularly?) have always been kept in boxes stacked everywhere.  Tonight I fixed that! Behold my craftiness:

Goodwill frames + two sheets of half off scrap book paper + modpodge +hooks.  Total cost: $5


  1. I LOVE the frames! That's a great idea, my toddler has discovered my jewelery box which means I have been discovering my grandmothers diamond ring in his mouth!

    And I like the READ the way it is, I think adding books would make it look to busy. But it's a great idea!

  2. I LOVE the jewerly frame idea! I just have boxes in my drawer!


  3. I would like to see a picture of the READ with books underneath to adjust the height. I think it would look cute that way.

  4. I love the "Read" sing over your mantel! That's fabulous.

    I came by from the hop and became a new follower!

  5. Leave the READ letters as they are. Stacking them would be too busy in my opnion. They are great now.
    I did the same thing for my jewellery but even simpler. I used a cutting board, painted it and put some very simple hooks in it, not even framed it. The jewellery is all the decoration it needs.