Thursday, July 1, 2010

Book Reviews: Humor

I hate to combine reviews, but if I ever want to catch up with all the books I read on vacation I'm going to have to do it.  I read two humor books on my trip - both I had been looking forward to for quite a while.

First up, I Hate Other People's Kids.  Since this is a sentiment I frequently agree with, I expected hilarity.  I've had this book on my wishlist forever and I was so excited to find it at the used book store.  Then I waited another eternity to read it, since I didn't want it to be over.  Sadly, it didn't live up to my expectations.  It tried really hard to be funny, but it just didn't quite make it.  It was very short and a fast read, but I don't really recommend it.  There are a lot of other short, fast reads that are funny. 

Like this one!  We Thought You Would Be Prettier is by Laurie Notaro, who is one of my favorite authors.  She reminds me so much of one of someone I would be friends with in real life and she writes like she's talking to you face to face.  And she is hilarious!  I've also read The Idiot Girls Action Adventure Club (not my favorite) and Autobiography of A Fat Bride.  Each one has been funnier than the last.  Which makes this one the funniest so far.  I have several of her other books, but I make myself ration them.  Otherwise I could devour them all in a few days.  She is sarcastic and witty and self-deprecating and hilarious.  Give her a try and let me know what you think!  This is one of my few five-star ratings of the year so far.

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