Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Better Than Edward

I keep hearing rumors about some kids named Edward and Jacob.  All I have to say to that is, who wants a sparkly boy, who is, by the way, an eternal teenager, when you could have this:

Well, hello there!  It's my all-time biggest fictional crush, Dr. Who (played by David Tennant of course).  Now, he's not from a book, but let's just be honest, do we really care?  Who needs a teenage vampire when you can have a Time Lord?
One more?
If you insist:

And we can't have Dr. Who without Captain Jack Harkness, right?

If you haven't seen Dr. Who and Torchwood, I trust that you are leaving my blog right this second and making your way to Netflix to get them all.  So worth it.  But you will most likely become addicted.  Like me.  My most recent Dr. Who-related aquisitions:

A Dalek cookie cutter!  So cute and yes, I've already made Dalek cookies and will be taking them to my fellow Dr. Who obsessed bestie tomorrow.
AND some Dr. Who posters that I cannot claim credit for.  I got the idea from DAMECreations on Etsy and had my husband (who I think is WAY hotter than even Dr. Who) turned them into posters for me:

We also did one for the Tardis and the Weeping Angel.  All credit for the ideas again goes to DAME Creations!  She sells very similar posters on her Etsy shop, as well as some amazing magnets that I plan to purchase and cover my refrigerator with.

Are you intrigued yet?  You should be.
So no, this post isn't in any way book-related, but it's nerd-related and I am reveling in my complete and total dorkiness.  Feel free to join me, especially if you've got a thing for the Doctor!


  1. Good work on not falling deeply in love with Edward or Jacob!
    I'm glad someone still has their head about them. Nerds are cool, and they can definitely be hot.

  2. I love the Doctor. That first picture you posted makes me seriously swoon. Love your posters!

  3. Hey, thanks for posting over at my blog! Lovely to know you think I am a man, but hey, 15 year olds can be just as mature as adults. ;)

    You have a lovely blog here! Your Christian Fiction review was very interesting, even to someone like me who is more all encompassing in their faith. I would highly suggest you read Taken by Storm and Sing Me to Sleep by Angela Morrison. She usually deals with a romance between a Mormon character and a non-Mormon character (regular Mormon, not LDS) and, even to someone who finds that uncomfortable, she does it so tenderly and without any judgment. You are bound to love her!

  4. Dalek cookie cutters! Did you get them online? Where did you get them? I want them, too!
    You are right! I'm no Dr. Who fan, but my husband is. I think I'll have to get some of his DVDs now.

  5. Ah, so refreshing to read a post that has no stance on Team Edward or Team Jacob. Dr. Who is a fine selection of "neither."