Thursday, July 22, 2010

Awesome Stuff Lately

Ok, I know this is another not completely book related post, but you guys need to see it.  I've been crafting some more.  And what could be more fun than crafting with books?  I re-covered some books I picked up out of the free bin at McKays with scrapbook paper (20 sheets for $3) and added some buttons (on sale at Walmart $.50 for four):

While I had my zebra paper out, I went ahead and decoupaged a "G" that I bought at Michael's for $1
I still have two more G's that I haven't decided what to do with yet.  I've already got several up in the house, but my new nephew will be named George, which also starts with a G...maybe he needs some book ends?

And speaking of the Doctor Who (what, we weren't?) - look what I got from Bestie this week:
Yes, that is a t-shirt with the Tardis and DeLorean crashing into each other.  If you don't get it, do yourself a favor and go watch Dr. Who and/or the Back To The Future movies immediately.

Finally, in awesome news - I convinced Sugar Bear (my sister) to read The Hunger Games and she has fallen in love.  Although she has somehow been deceived by Peeta, I'm convinced that she will come to her senses and be on Team Gale by the end of Mockingjay.  Another convert.  Way to go me!


  1. I hope you haven't caused further injuries to yourself in your most recent graft projects!

  2. Yay for crafts! That Tardis + DeLorean shirt owns my life just a little.

  3. your delusion is sweet, but honey bear will never turn to the dark side. she knows peeta is the man.