Thursday, May 27, 2010

Review: The Last Christian

Can I just tell you guys how excited I am about this book? I feel like I've read a string of Christian fiction lately that has been somewhat enjoyable, but the same old, same old. Some better than others, but it's all still been done before over and over. Blah. So when Waterbrook/Multnomah sent me The Last Christian, I was pretty excited. I've never read dystopic/futuristic Christian fiction. It's actually original! It hasn't been done a million times over! The entire book was really reminiscent of the Space Trilogy by CS Lewis, but also completely unique. The basic plot is that Christianity completely dies out in America. A child of missionaries in the jungle of Papua New Guinea who hasn't been exposed to any outside cultures emerges when her entire tribe is killed by a mysterious disease. She returns to America and discovers a conspiracy involving a high-tech neuroscience group who has discovered a way to replace the human brain and provide the potential for eternal life - but killing the soul in the process.

Yeah, ok it's a little far-fetched. And there were some writing issues that I think could have been worked on. But I really want to focus on the positive and the fact that someone is doing something new finally. We're off the whole Amish people, orphan train, utopian Christian romance where we clutch our pearls at the thought of premarital sex or alcohol. This author portrays real life and real people who aren't perfect and does it in a completely original story. It's a great book that shows what could happen to Christianity if things continue the way they are now but doesn't sermonize. It doesn't necessarily have a happy ending. I almost passed out when I got to the ending and people didn't become Christians and some of them died. It was believable and did I mention creative?? I'm so excited to see something new in this genre and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the idea of doing something original spreads.

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