Friday, May 7, 2010

Book Review: Radical by David Platt

This is a two for the price of one review: Radical and The Radical Question, both by David Platt. The awesome thing is that even though I'm being selfish and keeping my copy because it's one I'll read again, you can request a copy of The Radical Question and Waterbrook-Multnomah will send it to you free! See the link in the post below - and I'm not even kidding DO IT! It will change how you think and feel about church and life and the whole idea of the "American Dream".

I've always been bothered by the whole prosperity gospel - if you pray and tithe, God will give you material things. I'm even bothered by the idea that God wants us to be happy. I think God desires our obedience and our holiness a lot more than he desires our happiness. Of course He loves us and what He has for us will always bring us joy, but if you think about Christians in the persecuted church, you realize that they aren't always "happy". Many of them have lost everything they have and some are in prison, tortured, or killed for choosing Christ. Not sure how happy that makes them and they certainly aren't getting all those Jabez blessings now are they? And that is what this book is all about. Do we pray for material, earthly blessings and choose to sit in our nice comfortable sanctuaries while people around us are living in poverty, or do we follow the Christ of the Bible and deny everything else to follow Him.

I know this is a lot more religion than many people are comfortable with, but let me just tell you that this book is life changing. Having just bought a new house and wanting to buy everything I can get my hands on to fill that new house, this book is challenging me in a lot of very uncomfortable ways. But ways that I think are going to make my life better. And the awesome part of it is that the second book, The Radical Question, leads you to make some decisions based on what's taught in the book.

As far as my review itself, I hope to post a little bit more tonight. I haven't finished yet, but that is my plan for the car trip we're taking to Arkansas today. If I have internet tonight I'll publish my thoughts on completing the book. But I can already tell you from the first half that I want you to read it, but only if you are brave. If you don't want to be challenged to make radical life changes, this may not be the book for you. But if you're sold out on the idea of loving your neighbor, this book is going to teach you how!

PS: Waterbrook gave me this book, I have to write that so the FTC people don't get all up in my business.

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