Monday, May 24, 2010

Book Review: Life, In Spite of Me

If YA Memoir was a genre, it's how i would classify this book. It's the inspiring story of a teenage girl who attempts suicide by laying (lying?) down in front of a train. Instead of being killed, she ends up losing both of her legs. The book tells the story of how she came to a place of suicide and how she has found hope to continue living in spite of a tremendous physical handicap. (Alert!Alert!: She finds hope through Jesus, so if that bothers you this probably shouldn't be your next read). I found the story inspiring and, given her focus on the acceptance of Christ, interesting having just read O Me of Little Faith. Both are memoirs, but the author of Life in Spite of Me has the exact conversion experience that the author of O Me of Little Faith is so skeptical of. So it was interesting to compare the two. My only criticism, and it isn't really a criticism per se, is that it is SUCH an easy read. The author is open and reveals her innermost thoughts and feelings, but it doesn't delve deeply into any particular issues. I would be more likely to recommend this book to younger teens because of the ease in reading. If you don't love reading or you just want a short, inspiring true story, pick this one up! Thanks to the publisher for providing this book for me to review.

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