Monday, April 12, 2010

National Library Week

This week is National Library Week, so look forward to several posts about my library and how we're celebrating this week. Some of the programming I've set up:
Break the Rules Night (tonight and tomorrow) where I'll be serving food and drinks in the library
LRC Scavenger Hunt where students will be entered in a raffle for every question they can provide the correct answer to - featuring questions about resources available in the library
Movie Trivia - prizes for students who can correctly answer questions about well known movie scenes involving libraries or librarians
I should have some pictures to post tomorrow! In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of my library! Oh and don't forget tomorrow is Library Worker's Day, so show me some appreciation already!

My desk

More of my desk...

The view from my desk

Not many books, but I'm working on it!
And the view from the front door! Look for pictures with students tomorrow!

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