Friday, April 23, 2010

The Bridegrooms: Book Review + SBC Giveaway

As I established pretty well in my last post, Christian fiction makes me a little nervous. A lot of times, it, quite frankly, sucks. However, I've made a few exceptions recently, and this is one of them. Don't get me wrong, this isn't the next real quality literature, but as far as romance writing goes, it's on par for the genre. We're not talking about books you'll find on a college reading list or anything life-changing here, but we are talking about some pretty good bubble-gum reading. I always appreciate books with Christian characters who don't always act like saints and this book does a great job of that - the characters actually have personalities and aren't walking, talking Scripture-reading machines. The sisters argue and gossip and make snide remarks about others - they're believable as human beings (as opposed to my last venture into the genre). I certainly recommend it if you're looking for a wholesome romance novel/chick lit, but not looking to be preached at.

And here is where I get to the fun part. I've got a copy to give away. Those of you who participate in the Spring Book Challenge on the Nest know that I've written about a bazillion times about how I will never read a baseball book and I'm skipping that whole challenge. Well, I lied. This is pretty much the cutest baseball book ever. It is about four sisters of marrying age in turn of the century America whose lives are turned upside down when a baseball team (The Bridegrooms) come to town. I think you can pretty much guess where the plot is headed from there...

But it's about baseball! I can count it for SBC! And since I'm so thrilled to be able to use it, I'm giving away a copy - and thrilled that I can actually recommend this one to readers! Leave a comment and I'll choose a winner in a few days!

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  1. It sounds cute. I just finished a book that I didn't realize was Christian Fiction until I was part of the way through it, and I really enjoyed it. It was Never the Bride by Ruth Gutteridge. They sound sort of similar.

  2. Thanks for the opportunity! I'd love to read a book about baseball-my husband's a highschool baseball coach so I am biased ;)

  3. hahaha you and your non baseball reading..that cracks me up! but it does sound like a good book..