Monday, March 22, 2010

Review: The Red Letters Project

I have to admit that I had some concerns about this CD set and what I would say in my review. The "Project" from the title is an audio recording on CD of the "Red Letters" in the book of Matthew from the Bible. All of the words spoken by Jesus in this book are included as rock music or as the spoken word on these CDs. My thoughts were that the CDs would be either incredibly lame or awesome. My end decision is somewhere in the middle. There were parts of the CD, particularly the first song, that really turned me off. But as I kept listening, I realized that using the "rock" format really makes you think of some of the Bible verses in a completely different and unique way. I can't say that I picture myself singing along, but I think these would make awesome music for church videos, promotions, youth group, etc. Luke and I listened to them together and agreed that stylistically the songs reminded us a lot of DC Talk (the Jesus Freak album in particular), Plumb, POD, and other popular Christian "rock" music. As far as quality goes, the recording, instrumental, and vocal talent are on par with any album you would pick up at a music store. Very professional, high quality, obviously talented. It's not been released yet, but you can see more information at:
This copy was provided to me by the publisher for my review.

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