Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Let's Talk Stephen King

I'm reading my first actual Stephen King horror book (IT) and I can tell you right now it is going to be a while till I can post a review (40 pages down, 1100 to go). However, I am loving it right now. I love the set up of IT as your childhood fear of the basement or what's underneath the bed. The first passage where George goes down into the basement just set the mood/theme/whatever you want to call it for the entire book. I love the way he introduces the idea right at the beginning before you even meet IT as a character.

Since I've only read his short stories and On Writing, I want to hear my readers' thoughts today. What do you think of Stephen King? Is he a one-note hack? An under-appreciated literary genius? Which of his books is your favorite and why? Or do you refuse to read him, and, if so, why?


  1. I've never read Stephen King. I admit it.
    I have no desire to either. I don't like horror, and that's what I believe he writes. I know he has some other novels, but I never had an interest.

  2. Love me some Mr King books!
    He has mastered the question "What if?" like no one else!

  3. He is my favorite! It is not all horror with Mr. King. The characters and settings are portrayed so well and always paint a picture and capture my attention immediately and he accomplishes this seemingly effortlessly. And I completely agree with Annika.
    Recommendation: The Dead Zone (classic epic King) and my #1 - The Dark Tower series! Have fun!!!!

  4. I love me some Stephen King. I like the scary stuff and the notso scary. The Stand is my favorite and if you like It, you'll like The Stand without a doubt.
    Can't wait to hear what you think.

  5. I must admit, I have never read Stephen King. I am not oppossed to giving his works a shot, I just never have before.

    However, I do not think IT will ever be on to-read list. I am ridiculously afraid of clowns!