Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I got tagged - and awarded!

I got tagged by Jennifer at Books, Recipes, and Life, Oh My! Thanks Jennifer - something to fill the time on my sick day!

Question 1: Where were you 5 years ago?
Let's see - halfway through my junior year of college (seriously? it doesn't seem that long!), had been dating Luke for about 3 months, and spent a month living on my parents couch with mono.

Question 2: What is(was) on your to-do list today?
I'll answer for tomorrow, since my to-do list today contained nothing
1. Finish mailing graduation invitations
2. Mail CDs to my elf, book to my blog winner, and book cds
3. Order cake for graduation
4. Finish homework that is already late
5. Go with my bestie to look at flowers for her wedding

Question 3: What five snacks do you enjoy?
1. M&Ms
2. Kraft 100 calorie cheese packets
3. dry Cheerios
4. peaches
5. bananas

Question 4: What five places have you lived?
1. Chattanooga, TN
2. Little Rock, AR
3. Arkadelphia, AR
4. Roanoke Rapids, NC
5. Salisbury, NC

Question 5: What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?
1. Buy a house
2. Fill a room in the house with built-in book cases
3. Pay off student loans
4. Tithe to the church and give to Voice of the Martyrs, Campus Crusade, and Feminists for Life
5. Save!

Also, thanks to Alee at Love Is for the Sunshine Award - take a look at my sidebar to see it! Now for the fun part - my nominees for Sunshine Award/Tag game:

Ashley T at That's Life
Courtney at ...and that's more than everything
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