Monday, March 15, 2010

Giveaway Winner

But first my review! This is a great (and short) read for teenagers interested in making a difference or for youth leaders, teachers, parents, or anyone else who wants to encourage young adults. The book is easy to read and is clearly intended for high school and possibly college students. One thing I appreciated about the book, as a person who works with and knows many students who don't like to read or can't read well, was the format of the book. The type isn't huge, but the font isn't so small that it's intimidating. The book is also frequently broken up with lists, real life stories, and separate sections. For my students, those kind of things often make a difference in what they will and won't read. I also appreciated that the authors avoided the cheesey photos, clip art images, etc that frequently plague teen non-fiction. It's got a grown up feel and format, but contains many of the features that I think keep young or inexperienced readers interested.

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And the winner favorite neighbor, Bradley! I'll send you a Twitter and see when is a good time to bring it over - or I can drop it off at the church - or I can stick it in my mailbox - or I can stick it in your mailbox. How convenient! Tomorrow I'll post for my actual March giveaway and you can choose between a travel grab bag and a YA grab bag!

Book was provided for my review by the publisher.

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