Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dinner with Dr. Henry Blackaby

So every now and then the fact that my daddy is the pastor of a fairly large church comes in very handy - old ladies take me out for lunch and gossip, tons of wedding presents, love and affection, all that (don't be too jealous, it also means everyone thinks my business is their business). Anyway, tonight it meant Luke and I got to go out with my parents for dinner with Dr. Henry Blackaby. Yes, THE Dr. Henry Blackaby of Experiencing God. Of course I know that not everyone is familiar with Dr. Blackaby (Luke was completely perplexed by my fangirl squealing on the way to Chiles), but he's a pretty big deal. If you aren't familiar with Experiencing God, I recommend that you make yourself familiar with it immediately!

We spent dinner hearing all his stories about his life and his relationships with other famous evangelists, as well as his experiences with Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Luke had him telling all kinds of stories on politicians and evangelists and I pretty much just sat and basked in the knowledge that I was at dinner with Henry Blackaby. In case you are curious: here are pictures of my now-signed copy of Experiencing God and me with Dr. Blackaby. I told him I wanted a picture of us to remember dinner and also to put on my book blog and he told me AND I QUOTE: "You just made my day". I made Dr. Henry Blackaby's day. I almost passed out. Also, he did the cutest little bow thing when he shook my hand. Again, I was swooning.

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