Friday, February 12, 2010

Review: Love and War

I've enjoyed books by John Eldredge before and this one was not a disappointment. I was thrilled that Waterbrook/Multnomah provided me with a copy for review! The best summary I can give of the book, is a quote from pg. 208:

"We live in a love story, set in the midst of a war. Love is our destiny and all hell is set against it."

John and Stasi present both practical and spiritual tools for overcoming the enemy in the battleground that is marriage. While the book occasionally veered into territory that is covered in every Christian marriage book, the majority of the book contained unique analysis of scripture, as well as biblical tools for loving your spouse the way Christ loves the church. I particularly enjoyed the focus that the authors place on spiritual warfare and the damage it can cause to a marriage. I was glad to see that the authors did not only describe spiritual warfare and how it affects marriages, but also the biblical way to overcome these trials. The authors are brutally honest with their own lives and families and make themselves vulnerable to readers, which adds a great deal of authenticity to the book. If your marriage isn't perfect, I'd definitely recommend checking this one out.

Like Cupidity, this is a book that is intended for a Christian audience. While you certainly don't have to be a Christian to understand the concepts, all of the material in the book is explicitly Bible-based and deals with how to best manage your marriage through biblical principles and Godly living, which makes it an ideal read for me, but is not necessarily for everyone.


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