Monday, February 8, 2010

Review: Cupidity

I have loved the DiMarcos as authors since my parents gave my little sister a copy of Dateable while I was working with a high school youth group. I stole it to use with the girls I was working with and fell in love. I read Marriable as I was dating Luke and loved it too. These are down to earth, real life solutions to issues people actually face. Instead of the cliches that so often come at Christians (it's better not to date, etc), these authors write from less conservative point of view and provide practical, biblical advice. Having a chance to review their latest book for Tyndale was exciting to say the least.

Cupidity itself focuses on mistake that are commonly made my Christians in love - married or single. There is great advice in here about keeping your love going after marriage, respecting your husband, motivating your husband without nagging, and great advice for husbands on loving your wife, romance, and pornography. I thought about using it as a giveaway for Valentine's Day on here, but I loved it enough that I've got to keep it. It's getting a special spot on my shelves with Datable, Marriable, Mean Girls Grown Up, and a few other Hungry Planet books.

Here's my one warning: if you are not interested in reading a lot of biblical references OR you do not believe that wives should submit to their husbands, you are probably not going to just love this book. I take a pretty literal interpretation of the Bible and I want to see how the Bible backs up what I'm being taught, so these are both positive aspects of the book for me, but they may turn some readers off.

And one more small note: I think Cupidity is a great name, but you don't need to repeat the word in every single paragraph. By the end of the book the word had lost its cuteness and was grating on my nerves. But not enough to ruin the message of the book. I even got the chance to put some of the lessons I learned into practice this week!

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