Friday, February 19, 2010

Book Review: Hear No Evil

The title of this book alone convinced me that i want to read it. "Marching in the Lord's Army" - oh my, the memories. I had a special hate for this song as a child because I was afraid of loud noises (was afraid? am afraid) and the other kids loved screaming out the words to this one. If you are at all familiar with conservative Christian culture, this book will crack you up - unless maybe you are easily offended. Southern Baptists aren't quite as "fundamentalists" as the IFB, but we get pretty close, and I found the book much funnier than I expected to. It bothers me to read books that mock what I believe, but this book doesn't come close to making fun - it's a humorous look from an insider, rather than a mockery of beliefs. My favorite part had to be the Sandi Patti chapter. Growing up we weren't allowed to listen to secular music, so I was familiar with all of Turner's references to popular Christian culture. My brother, at around 7 years old, had a major crush on Sandi Patti and her big hair. If you aren't familiar with the whole Contemporary Christian Music scene, you may not get as many laughs out of it, but I still think it's worth reading. The Amy Grant stuff was also hilarious! It motivated me to immediately go out and buy two of Matthew Paul Turner's other books, which I can't wait to read. This is one I HIGHLY recommend!
This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

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  1. Sounds pretty interesting!
    For awhile when I was younger, we were not allowed to listen to secular music, at all. My mom relaxed a little more, as we got older.