Friday, February 26, 2010


Awww...more awards for me! I put them both in my sidebar and if you click them, they should link you to the wonderful ladies who gave them to me - Crystal and Mrs.Messi! You ladies are too sweet! I'm going to follow the rules of these somewhat and post ten things that make me happy - and tomorrow I'll post ten of my favorite blogs! Enjoy!
Ten things that make me happy:

My cutie-pie husband!


My honey! How sweet is that baby?

My siblings - minus one - sorry David I don't have a picture of all of us on this computer

Books - who would have guessed right?

Ok that's only five, but I'm out of pictures, so I'll just list the last ones -
My internet friends! I love you guys (and I'm thrilled that some of you are now my IRL friends!)
Hot chocolate
Swimming, going to the lake, the beach, anything in the water
Bad tv/bad movies
Flattery (what? it does!)

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  1. Great stack of books. I have read that Lucille Ball book, loved it!