Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Review: The Cost of Choice

If you're at all interested in the pro-life (anti-abortion, whatever) side of the abortion debate, this is a great book to read. I wish I could read it as a newer edition because a lot has happened since 2004 in relation to the issue, but the book still provides an excllent source of information and statistics from women who are experts in the field of politics, medicine, psychology, and women's issues. If you're stringently pro-choice, it's probably not the book for you, since it is a one-sided argument against abortion. However, I think it's a good book to start discussion for both sides of the debate and raises interesting questions. It's also a great way for those who are pro-life (again, whatever you want to call it) to familiarize themselves with the statistics being used by both sides. It also comes from a feminist perspective, which I especially enjoyed since I certainly consider myself an ardent feminist. I'll not go in to details of the book, as this isn't a political blog, but I did enjoy the book and I highly recommend it.
PS: This is an awesome website: http://www.feministsforlife.org/

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