Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Goodbye for now, Santa! As much as I'm going to miss that jolly old man, I'm looking forward to the next year. The past year has been a pretty good one - my second year of marriage, tons of wonderful books, some fantastic mini-vacations with my husband and a wonderful week in the mountains with my family. It had it's hard moments - recovering from a major surgery, being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and connective tissue damage, and losing my Papa to liver cancer. Spiritually it has been my year to discover God as Jehova Rapha (the Lord my Healer). Educationally, it has been my first year of graduate school. Halfway there!

I don't usually do resolutions, but this year I have come up with some "goals" to try to focus my work and my life:

1. Physically: Lose all of the gabapentin-induced weight (I'm finally off this medication and MUST get back to my normal size before a spring wedding)

2. Academically: Finish graduate school with a 4.0

3. Personally: Read more than I read last year. I haven't decided yet if this means reading more books or more pages. Go through the alphabet and read one book representing each letter that is written by an author I've never read (letter can be first word in the title or the author's name).

4. Personally: Keep updating my blog.

5. Professionally: Continue working on computer skills, especially in relation to work. Choose one program used at the school (AutoCAD, MultiSIM, Project, or Visio) to learn very well.

6. Spiritually: I want to spend the year focusing on getting to know God as Emmanuel (God with us) and in remembering that every moment of every day. If you have any suggestions on studies to deal with this name of God, let me know, because it's going to be my focus this year. Also, i want to continue to grow in my knowledge of the Lord my Healer as, hopefully, my health continues to improve.

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