Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Year of Living Biblically

I really expected to be put off by this book. I was ready to stop reading it, especially after a blurb on the back described it as "irreverent." I don't enjoy hearing people mock something I strongly believe in as a Christian, and I worried that Jacob's experiment (following the Bible as literally as possible for a year) was really just an excuse to mock the traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs. Instead, the book was actually one of the most reverent treatments of the Bible that I have ever read. Jacobs doesn't just tell us how stupid/weird/hypocritical/etc the Bible is - he makes an honest attempt to find the meaning behind even the most bizarre commandments and never stoops to mocking Judaism, Christianity, or those who practice even the most extreme forms of these religions. How refreshing to read the observations of an agnostic on the Bible without the mockery. I just love how Jacobs really tries to find out the meaning behind everything he questions. This is quite possibly my favorite book of the year. I was challenged in my own beliefs many times through the book, and learned quite a few new things about the Bible. Plus, it's hilarious! I definitely recommend it, five stars, two thumbs up, etc, etc!

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