Monday, November 30, 2009

H1N1 and the Cat ER

My Thanksgiving was eventful, thanks to the exposure to H1N1 from a teacher right before we left for the break. No one is impressed when you work while you are sick - we are just annoyed that you are sharing it with us. Anyway, tomorrow is my H1N1 test, so keep your fingers crossed that it's just a nasty cold. On top of that the cat had his teeth cleaned, which means giving him antibiotics - which apparently, he is allergic to. We were in the kitty cat ER from 11PM - 2AM last night so I'm too pooped to worry about posting book reviews tonight. I've got a couple of good ones that I'll try to drag myself out of bed to post tomorrow.

For tonight, I'll leave you a picture of my sweet little baby, who is going to make a full recovery!

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